This week I finally got a meal plan done early enough that I could get my grocery shopping done on Saturday. I’m a bit of a freak when it comes to grocery shopping. There are usually multiple stores involved, color coded lists and the like. On more then one occasion I’ve been complimented on my cart organization. But I digress.

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I’ve been fighting a loosing battle with meal planning lately. I will get it accomplished sometime on Sunday afternoon, but then the day is gone so very little to no cooking/prepping gets done. Then I’m cobbling together meals which usually equals eating out. Well, I’m tightening the belt on planning and eating out before I have to loosen my belt. I’m loving my almost-size-14 waist a bit too much for that! This week’s plan is pretty okay I think – there are 3 vegetarian-esque days but I’m thinking I could always squeeze more vegetables into the plan. My ambition burned out today before I could plan all 5 meals for all 7 days but I will get to that tomorrow morning so I can be ready for the week. Here’s whats on tap for dinner and subsequently lunch for the next day:

Dinner plan for the week of March 18, 2012
Sunday – Honey Orange Chicken, sauteed spinach & garlic, apricot couscous
Monday – Garlic shrimp, whole wheat pasta, garden salad with balsamic dressing
Tuesday – Actually delicious turkey burgers, whole wheat buns, roasted sweet potatoes
Wednesday – Lasagna, garden salad with blue cheese dressing
Thursday – Vegetarian taco salad
Friday – Maple salmon, wild rice, sauteed string beans
Saturday – Veggie pizza

What are you cooking/eating this week to help you maintain a healthy or healthier lifestyle?