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Month: September 2012

Food Waste …uh…Saturday?

Food Waste Friday is a weekly link up hosted by The Frugal Girl in an attempt to get us all to be more conscience about the volume of food what we consume and waste on a regular basis.

Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, does it?! Sorry to be a day late, but this week was very weird for me. I was very busy at work (I’m even going in this weekend for a few hours), I had a low energy level all week, and I ended up getting sick-ish at the end of the week. I say sick-ish because I’m hoping its just allergy/sinus congestion and not a cold! I haven’t cleaned out the fridge yet and that won’t happen until later today. I don’t *think* that I’ll be wasting anything that’s in there but if so I’ll add it to next weeks totals. This week was pretty good. Waste included about 3/4 lb of very fuzzy green grapes and 1 chicken breasts worth of BBQ I made up for Craig that he didn’t eat.

How was your week?

Food Waste Friday

Sometime last year I stumbled across The Frugal Girl’s website and her installment of Food Waste Friday and it totally spoke to me. I’ve been trying to embrace more simplicity in my life and feel frugality goes hand in hand. Plus I was just sick some weeks at the amount of food we were throwing away! Every Friday she posts a photo of what she is throwing away all in hopes it helps keep her accountable and helps to reduce waste. Like most good ideas on the internet others decided to join in and now it’s a weekly link-up.

I’m participating in hopes that it helps me to reduce what we waste as well. Nothing like putting yourself on full blast to motivate change, right?!

This week wasn’t too bad (not great by any means but not as bad as weeks past):

an almost full container of chicken broth, a leek I totally forgot about (its quite petrified), some sautéed spinach & two different lunch meats (I blame the hubs for these), a lime, and some leftover smoked pork (this one was painful because it was so good!)

Everything else left in the fridge will get used up this weekend. If it doesn’t I’ll include it in next weeks installment. I’m off to see what others are posting today for FWF. How much food are you wasting on a regular basis?

Who says simple doesn’t taste good?

I left work early today to get somethings done around the house. Unfortunately my energy level over the past week has been low so not everything that needs to be done as been getting done 🙁

Anyway, I was starving heading home today and almost stopped to get something already prepared. I’m really trying to stick to a tighter budget and since I did get grocery shopping done this weekend, I headed home to the kitchen. I needed quick, filling, and somewhat balanced.

Enter a simple can of dark red kidney beans. It was the first thing I saw when I opened the pull-out pantry. Right underneath them – tortilla chips. Lunch became 10 minute nachos: a layer of chips, topped with 1 cup of beans (1/2 mashed, the other left whole), a serious sprinkling of Daiya shreds and a couple of dashes of Frank’s Hot sauce (no jalapeños in the house). Baked in a 350 degree oven for a little over 5 minutes then topped with shredded lettuce and salsa. Warm, gooey and delicious!


Now the trick will be not to lay down for a nap!

Ironman Triathlon Challenge (say what?!)

Okay, let me explain. First, I am NOT competing in an Ironman Triathlon nor am I training for one. That my friends is way above my pay grade at this point! What I am doing is attempting to complete the Ironman distances. Each semester VCU Recreational Sports hosts several challenges to get gym goers to push their fitness level. The first is the Ironman Triathlon Distance challenge. You are to challenge yourself to complete 26.2 miles running or walking, 112 miles cycling and either 2.4 miles swimming or 15,000 meters rowing over a 9 week period. The challenge runs from September 10th – November 11th with participants self-reporting distances each week. Those that finish the distances once get a Ironman t-shirt. If you complete the distances 2 or more times you get a long sleeve Ironman shirt (fancy!).

Sadly, I’ll be walking and using the elliptical for my 26.2 miles. Sometime in June my right hip really starting hurting when I ran and even for days after. I mean real pain. After getting it evaluated by my Chiropractor, I found that my entire thoracic and lumbar spine were in scoliosis. My right hip has decided to drop AND tilt forward (WTF?!). I’m trying to correct it with adjustments from the Chiro and no high impact exercise (i.e. – no running). We’ll see. Also, a little known fact about me – I don’t know how to swim. I’ll be rowing my heart out starting tomorrow!

I’ve coerced gotten several of my co-workers to sign-up for the challenge as well and we even have a friendly competition going with another department at work! I’m not sure how we’ll determine which department will “win”, but I’m sure some type of statistical analysis will be employed (<– research nerd humor)!

Here’s what my workout schedule looks like for this week:

  • Sunday – weights (full body, 45 min); interval cardio (cycling, 9.4 miles)
  • Monday – yoga (1 hour)
  • Tuesday – rowing (1st time so not sure how long or how far)
  • Wednesday – weights (full body, 45 min); interval cardio (cycling, 9.4 miles)
  • Thursday – rest or more rowing depending on how I feel
  • Friday – weights (full body, 45 min); interval cardio (elliptical, 3 miles)
  • Saturday – rest

So far this week I’m on track with exercise, not so much with diet but I’ll blog about that later this week. Wish me luck!

What are you doing to challenge your current fitness level?

Public library love


I went a wee bit crazy at the library yesterday. Even the librarian was impressed with my arm load of books! I’m really enjoying The China Study (this was a renewal and I am a researcher by trade so I’m diggin’ the solid science) and hoping to gleam some good recipe and menu ideas from the rest. With my dairy intolerance, egg issue and just generally trying to eat more plants I’m down to one serving of meat a day so I need some ideas!

What are your favorite meat- and dairy-free recipes?