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Food Waste Friday

Sometime last year I stumbled across The Frugal Girl’s website and her installment of Food Waste Friday and it totally spoke to me. I’ve been trying to embrace more simplicity in my life and feel frugality goes hand in hand. Plus I was just sick some weeks at the amount of food we were throwing away! Every Friday she posts a photo of what she is throwing away all in hopes it helps keep her accountable and helps to reduce waste. Like most good ideas on the internet others decided to join in and now it’s a weekly link-up.

I’m participating in hopes that it helps me to reduce what we waste as well. Nothing like putting yourself on full blast to motivate change, right?!

This week wasn’t too bad (not great by any means but not as bad as weeks past):

an almost full container of chicken broth, a leek I totally forgot about (its quite petrified), some sautéed spinach & two different lunch meats (I blame the hubs for these), a lime, and some leftover smoked pork (this one was painful because it was so good!)

Everything else left in the fridge will get used up this weekend. If it doesn’t I’ll include it in next weeks installment. I’m off to see what others are posting today for FWF. How much food are you wasting on a regular basis?


  1. Welcome to Food Waste Friday. Participating has certainly cut down on my food waste.

  2. admin

    September 22, 2012 at 8:28 am

    Thanks and good to know!

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