It seems odd to say “happy” Veteran’s Day. There are not enough words to express my thanks to all Veteran’s, retired & active duty military for what you have done and continue to do. Thank you!

I was able to cobble together a meal plan for this week. I’m back to an evening workout schedule at the gym this week, so I needed ‘make ahead’ or quick items. I’m past the honeymoon phase with my plant-based diet and its becoming a bit of a challenge to eat a variety of items that aren’t processed. I won’t say I’m in a rut, but I’m heading that way fast. If you post your own meal plans or know of some good sites that do, please share links in the comments. I need some ideas!


      : teriyaki chicken/tofu, brown rice, steamed broccoli

Monday: spaghetti, marinara, roasted asparagus, garlic bread

Tuesday: chicken noodle soup/pumpkin chili, grilled cheese/Daiya sammies

Wednesday: OYO (on your own)

Thursday: pasta with Field Roast sausage & mixed greens

Friday: salmon/veggie burgers, string beans, roasted potatoes

Saturday: pizza, salad