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And this is what I have to say.

Month: May 2013

Hey y’all!

Wow, where did May go?! I have to say, I was not well prepared for how much time triathlon training would take. I feel I haven’t done much other than work, gym, sleep, repeat. Nonetheless life is all about balance, right? And I plan to get back to some balance including filling this space.

Quick synopsis of the past month: started a 16-week swim focus training plan, failed my beginner’s swim class and have to repeat it, completed my first 5K with some co-workers & had a blast, immediately signed-up for another race, spent the last week and a half fighting a serious bout of seasonal allergies with no working out, ran too hard on Sunday and possibly re-injured/injured my hips.

That last reason is why I’m home early with time on my hands today. May was also full of lots of eating out and lots of convenience foods which is not good for me or the husband. That ends to-day. Tonight is about some serious kitchen time: cleaning, meal prep, maybe some baking …

Here is my dinner meal plan for the rest of the week:

  • Tuesday: his (cheese) & hers (tofu) roasted vegetable penne
  • Wednesday: grilled turkey chops, quick kale, cornbread, black eyed peas, tomatoes
  • Thursday: teriyaki tilapia/tofu, rice, sauteed string beans, grilled pineapple
  • Friday: leftovers
  • Saturday: veggie pizza
  • What’s on your menu this week? Any good go-to dishes?


    So this happened…


    I spent a few days afterwards feeling sick to my stomach wondering “what had I done?” But I’m over that now and into week 2 of my 16-week training plan. I’ll post more soon (maybe a vlog post?) but just wanted to check into the world and let you know I’ve picked my sport!