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Ready or not

Ready or not, everybody off the plant! Anyone know of a good recipe for green cherry tomatoes?

The last of the tomatoes 2013

The last of the tomatoes 2013

The yard is still winning

I haven’t made as much progress on the yard as I wanted this summer. I blame the 6 week, record breaking, 100 + degree early summer we had here in Richmond. Fortunately late August has brought cooler temps and now I’m back at it for some Fall planting.

Project 1 is almost done:

The blank space is for another raised bed to match the first. The plan was to grow a few cool weather veggies (carrots, broccoli, lettuce) but now I’m worried it’s too late to start those. I need to find something to plant next to the door, but other than that I don’t plan to plant this area. Container gardening all the way here to try to reduce weeds.

As far as containers go, I’m not sure what to do. Should I go with all terracotta pots to blend with the brown color of the raised beds? Or perhaps all maroon colored pots to match the trim of the house? What do you think?

Me vs. The Yard

I have been in my house for 10 years this year and I still am not able to enjoy my yard. It’s a bit of a jungle being that neither my DH or I are really outdoorsy types.

Well no more. I have declared war on the yard. I am very determined to make it enjoyable for my family and friends by the fall.

I try to be very environmentally conscious in everything I do. And in the past this has meant only using organic methods in the yard. The Yard has been winning under that philosophy. I have decided to embrace my scientist background and come to terms with the fact that not all chemicals are bad. Obviously they are necessary in this case and will be employed responsibly.

With such a huge task (both the entire front and back yards) I’m taking the “small project” approach: addressing small areas of the yard one at a time. I successfully grew a few herbs in pots last year and really want to garden. The only area in our entire yard to get remotely enough sun is smack in the middle of the front yard. As to not be “that” neighbor with a crazy garden in the front yard I decided to go with two raised beds closer to the house. I don’t think they get 8 full hours of sun but I’m willing to see what I can grow. The plan is for one to be herbs and the other tomatoes and peppers. I know I’m fighting the clock starting this late in the season but I’m gonna try.

Small is a relative term.  This area in front of the house seemed much smaller before I started trying to get the layer of dead grass & weeds up.


Its super slow going and the rain we’ve had over the past few days isn’t making it any easier. But regardless, it is “small” project #1.

I’ll be updating the blog with my progress over the summer and fall. So the competition begins…

Me, 0. The Yard, 10.