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So this happened…


I spent a few days afterwards feeling sick to my stomach wondering “what had I done?” But I’m over that now and into week 2 of my 16-week training plan. I’ll post more soon (maybe a vlog post?) but just wanted to check into the world and let you know I’ve picked my sport!

Looking for a sport


How are you doing? It has been a minute since I’ve been in this space. I went into serious hibernation mode for the entire winter! But alas, Spring is here and I’m coming up for air and sunshine 🙂

Me? I’ve been okay. I had a pretty heavy bout of fatigue (for no diagnosable reason) for most of the winter. Possibly SAD. Possibly CFS. Who knows… I’ve been feeling pretty good since the end of February so that’s a plus. I was already fighting the I-don’t-want-to-go-to-the-gym-or-workout bug before that, but this last instance put me on my butt for weeks on end. I was still walking to catch the bus for work and taking the stairs on occasion, but outside of that I maybe was working out once per week. Shameful. My weight has been floating around 160 lbs all winter as well. Not bad, but not heading toward my goal weight either.

A very smart athlete I know told me at the beginning of my fitness journey to pick a sport. She said that at some point I would get bored with what I was doing and I would need something to train for. As the saying goes – she ain’t nev’a lied. I tweeted the other day that I needed a sport. Another friend (also a very smart athlete) replied, half joking I’m sure, “triathlon!”. What?!

That’s crazy talk, right? Well, I have to admit that at the end of 2011 I had checked out the Pink Power Sprint Triathlon and was intrigued. It appealed to me for many reasons – it’s all women, you don’t have to know how to swim, only male volunteers (!), and the fact that it combines 3 different things – that could keep me interested! I actually started Couch-to-5K training at that time in an effort to see if I could choose Triathlon as my sport. Well, that ended abruptly in May. After a run one day I had hip pain like you wouldn’t believe. When it didn’t resolve itself I went to the doctor to have it checked out. The result? A crooked pelvis. My right hip had dropped AND was tilted forward. The prescription = the end of my running career. 🙁

Last week when the triathlon bug was put in my ear, I was back at the Pink Power Sprint site checking it out. Then I quickly went down the rabbit hole of the internet looking for information, tips, stories about others who have gone from just working out regularly to becoming a triathlete.  I can’t swim. I haven’t run since May of 2012. I have a little bike experience (it’s been my equipment of choice for cardio at the gym since 2011). Considering a triathlon would be crazy, right?! Well, I might not be crazy but I’m damn close. Last Thursday I started swim class.  Yesterday was week 1, day 1 of couch-to-5K training again. Friday I have an appointment with my Chiropractor to see if my hip is going to cooperate. My plan is to up my exercise routine through April and see if I completely fall apart. If I don’t, I’m thinking I may commit to tri training. That’s a scary (but exciting) thought!

My workout plan for April:

  • Monday – yoga; week 1, day 1 C25K; ab work
  • Tuesday – swim class
  • Wednesday – strength (full body); week 1, day 2 C25K
  • Thursday – swim class
  • Friday – strength (full body); week 1, day 3 C25K
  • Saturday – REST (normally spin class but I’m being a road-dog for Nicole Lee Designs this week!)
  • Sunday – spin class (normally rest day)

I’m open to any and all comments, tips, tricks, thoughts regarding triathlons that you may have. And if anyone wants to join in on the fun of possible training or training, I’m down with that too!

In the interim, I’ve been talked into participating in the GLOWRun 5K on May 11th with a group of co-workers. Have you all heard of this? Basically its a rave with some running thrown in. It looks like a complete and total blast – and you know I’m ALWAYS ready for a good party! 🙂

What’s been up with you?

Ironman Triathlon Challenge (say what?!)

Okay, let me explain. First, I am NOT competing in an Ironman Triathlon nor am I training for one. That my friends is way above my pay grade at this point! What I am doing is attempting to complete the Ironman distances. Each semester VCU Recreational Sports hosts several challenges to get gym goers to push their fitness level. The first is the Ironman Triathlon Distance challenge. You are to challenge yourself to complete 26.2 miles running or walking, 112 miles cycling and either 2.4 miles swimming or 15,000 meters rowing over a 9 week period. The challenge runs from September 10th – November 11th with participants self-reporting distances each week. Those that finish the distances once get a Ironman t-shirt. If you complete the distances 2 or more times you get a long sleeve Ironman shirt (fancy!).

Sadly, I’ll be walking and using the elliptical for my 26.2 miles. Sometime in June my right hip really starting hurting when I ran and even for days after. I mean real pain. After getting it evaluated by my Chiropractor, I found that my entire thoracic and lumbar spine were in scoliosis. My right hip has decided to drop AND tilt forward (WTF?!). I’m trying to correct it with adjustments from the Chiro and no high impact exercise (i.e. – no running). We’ll see. Also, a little known fact about me – I don’t know how to swim. I’ll be rowing my heart out starting tomorrow!

I’ve coerced gotten several of my co-workers to sign-up for the challenge as well and we even have a friendly competition going with another department at work! I’m not sure how we’ll determine which department will “win”, but I’m sure some type of statistical analysis will be employed (<– research nerd humor)!

Here’s what my workout schedule looks like for this week:

  • Sunday – weights (full body, 45 min); interval cardio (cycling, 9.4 miles)
  • Monday – yoga (1 hour)
  • Tuesday – rowing (1st time so not sure how long or how far)
  • Wednesday – weights (full body, 45 min); interval cardio (cycling, 9.4 miles)
  • Thursday – rest or more rowing depending on how I feel
  • Friday – weights (full body, 45 min); interval cardio (elliptical, 3 miles)
  • Saturday – rest

So far this week I’m on track with exercise, not so much with diet but I’ll blog about that later this week. Wish me luck!

What are you doing to challenge your current fitness level?

Public library love


I went a wee bit crazy at the library yesterday. Even the librarian was impressed with my arm load of books! I’m really enjoying The China Study (this was a renewal and I am a researcher by trade so I’m diggin’ the solid science) and hoping to gleam some good recipe and menu ideas from the rest. With my dairy intolerance, egg issue and just generally trying to eat more plants I’m down to one serving of meat a day so I need some ideas!

What are your favorite meat- and dairy-free recipes?

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