Well, I did it. On August 18th I completed the Pink Power Triathlon and I have a medal to prove it! It was tough, very wet, a bit on the chilly side (so much for training in 90+ degree temps), not pretty but done. My goals were to finish, not to come in last, and to not hurt myself. Two out of three ain’t bad!

Total Time = 2h 13m 57s
Overall Rank = 318/338
Age Group = 40-44
Age Group Rank = 49/50

Pre-race: The night before I laid out all of the stuff I would need for the race, put my race number on my race belt and helmet, and gave my bike a quick ride down the street before loading it into the car. Of course, there was some strange clicking sound that I HAD NEVER HEARD BEFORE on the bike. Craig even came out and took it for a spin to make sure I wasn’t losing my mind from pre-race jitters. Yep. The bike was doing something weird the night before the race. The brakes worked and everything seemed fine, so I just sent up a prayer and loaded it into the car. I actually went to bed at a decent time (by 9:00 pm) and woke up Sunday morning around 4:00 am. I had oatmeal & a banana for breakfast. Made sure Craig was up, loaded up the water bottles – one straight water and one with a water/Gatorade mix for the bike. It was already raining so I figured I’d skip the sunscreen, got dressed, packed some snacks (dates, almonds, & a banana), and the remaining items and headed out around 5:15 am. We got to the event site around 5:40 am and headed for Transition. In case you were wondering, it’s dark at that time in the morning. I got my bike racked and laid out everything needed for the day. Thank goodness for the trash bags I brought to keep my stuff dry. I got my body markings and my timing chip with no problems.

Event warmup:

My warmup time was spent having the great guys from 3Sports look at my bike. There were tools involved and lots of fiddling, but I was good to go after about 10 minutes. The rest of the time was spent in line for the bathroom. After that there was the welcome, national anthem, lots of standing around in the rain, taking it all in, and having a full on freak-out for about 5 minutes. Luckily during this time I didn’t see Craig because if I had, it would have been “pack up my stuff honey, I’m outta here!”. I was the 3rd last person to start the swim.

Complete deer-in-the-headlights look. Scared.to.death.

Complete deer-in-the-headlights look. Scared.to.death.


  • 19m 7s
  • 437 yards
  • 04m 22s / 100 yards
Comments: Only 3 letters to describe the swim portion: D.F.L. Yep, yours truly was the last person in the pool. I attempted to walk the swim but the pool was 5 ft 5 inches for all but the ends. I’m only 5’2″. There was LOTS of pulling on the lane line to keep me moving and a strained trapezius muscle as a reward afterwards. Somewhere around lane 3 I had another brief panic moment. So much so I had to float on my back to get myself together. I did a bit of pseudo back stroke for that lane, but the entire rest of the 400m was pulling myself along.
That's me in the center.

That’s me in the center.

What would you do differently?:

Learn to swim properly. Oh, and not to believe future race hype that says anything similar to “you can walk the swim”.

Transition 1

  • 02m 36s

I didn’t drown!! Was a bit embarrassed by the “swim” so ran the length of transition zone. I was very happy with my layout of my stuff. However, I forgot to untie my shoes. Since I was the last out of the pool I was DETERMINED NOT to be the last out of transition 1. I wasn’t! 3 ladies were behind me.

What would you do differently?:

Skip the socks; untie shoes; just move faster.


  • 1h 04m 29s
  • 11.4 miles
  • 10.68 mile/hr

I was VERY happy to get to/on the bike (mostly because I didn’t drown!). It was still raining so good sense prevailed on the ride. Watched my speed, pumped brakes before using them, and stayed off the lane lines. My bike gears were “clunkier” than normal (?), that coupled with wet pedals meant my feet slipped off about 3-4 times. Luckily I didn’t bang my legs up. I did get to say “on your left” twice so there’s that.

What would you do differently?:

Practice hills more; train in the rain at least once; invest in a proper road bike.

Heading into Transition 2

Heading into Transition 2

Transition 2

  • 01m 10s
What would you do differently?:

Run into transition. After I dismounted, my legs were really jelly-like. The weather was bad and I know I was way at the back, but having to navigate so many people leaving the venue was mentally tough.


  • 46m 36s
  • 3.11 miles
  • 15m 02s  min/mile

PR for a 5k. I was able to run more than I have in quite some time. I didn’t have a watch but did my own run/walk combo. Walked most of the hills. It really started to pour during the run. I was completely alone on the course, some of which was through a wooded area. I channeled my inner Harriet Tubman and got moving rather swiftly through that part. I did finish strong and ran all the way into the finish.

What would you do differently?:

Train more – more hill work; train in the rain at least once.

Thankfully Craig and 4 friends were there to cheer me in. I heard my name called over the PA and got my medal. Literally, there was no one else spectator wise at the race. The folks from Active Chiropractic were still there finishing up 2 participants, but other than that no other vendors either. The first aid tent was even packed up. It was crickets. This was a bit disappointing but whateves, right?

I had put my dates and almonds in my race belt and immediately started munching on those. There was still water and some post-race snacks so I indulged in a banana and chocolate chip cookie. After a few high-fives and photos it was time to go. Plus, they had already started breaking down the transition area so I needed to get my stuff. I was tired but excited I finished and didn’t die.
Wet, tired, but a triathlete!

Wet, tired, but a triathlete!

Reppin' the brown girls!

Reppin’ the brown girls!

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the few weeks post race. There has been much food stuffs consumed and very little physical activity (I had to let that strain heal properly, right?). Even though I got a medal, I’m of the mind that I really completed more of a Duathlon than Triathlon because of the swim portion. Will I do another? Probably. I’m spending the fall and winter learning to swim and focusing on running. I’m hoping Santa Claus will bring me a proper road bike for Christmas. We will see what next tri season brings!